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    cmp: prevent inline information from getting lost while compiling ECL itself · b067063c
    Marius Gerbershagen authored
    C inline information is saved in +default-machine+, which was
    previously a constant. However, the value assigned to
    +default-machine+ is recomputed during load and compile
    time. Technically, assigning a constant a new value which is not eql
    to the old one is undefined behaviour in the ANSI standard. What ECL
    did was simply to reassign the constant when compiling
    cmpc-machine.lsp. However, this meant that the inline information
    which was added to +default-machine+ when loading sysfun.lsp was
    lost. Thus, all ECL source files compiled after cmpc-machine.lsp were
    compiled without inline information. We prevent this by using an
    ordinary variable *default-machine* instead of a constant.
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