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    - change in the movement handlers that allow undecorated windows (xmms · 188e9ddb
    Iban Hatchondo authored
      for example) to moved through mouse strokes or menu.
      (input.lisp gestures.lisp move-resize.lisp wm.lisp)
    - group of windows (such as described in the ICCCM) are now honored:
      transient-for windows are supposed to be stack under their
      dialogs. As another effect, iconifying or sending to another desktop
      one window of a group affect the entire group.
    - a new option is now available:
       that allows to save pointer position before switching from a
       desktop to another and restore previous position when arriving on
       the new one. (misc.lisp virtual-screen.lisp) This has been done via
       a private property on the root window named:
    - _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW client message is now supported.
    - _NET_WM_STATE_STICKY is now supported. (is it correct since Eclipse
      does not implements area's ?)
    - an ECLIPSE-EXTENSIONS package is defined in order to export all
      symbols provides by future Eclipse extensions.
    - bug fix in:
       - (setf window-priority)
       - dead windows during window cycling (gestures.lisp)
       - window placement (wm.lisp) decoration where incorrectly placed
         when user indicates its preferences (via the wm_normal_hints
       - minor changes in destroy-notify handling on decoration.
    - man page, changelog, compliance updated.
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