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    - move resize improvements: · c3de58d7
    Iban Hatchondo authored
      We now use the :pointer-potion-hint in the event-mask. The server is
      now free to send only one :motion-notify event, until either the key
      or button state changes, the pointer leaves the event window, or the
      client calls query-pointer or motion-events.
      This allow us to be served only for event when we can deal with. As
      effect opaque move and resize are smoother.
      side effects:
       decoration time slot removed.  (wm.lisp)
       modify (event-process motion-notify root)
      modified files: input.lisp, wm.lisp
    - Christian point out a bug/inconsitency with emacs and multiple
      frame. Changing frames with C-x 5-o was not raising frames. It is
      now fix.
      the fix consist in:
       # add :susbstructure-redirect in the decoration event mask. (wm.lisp)
       # add a (event-process configure-request decoration).
       # add a (event-process map-request decoration).
       # modify (event-process configure-NOTIFY decoration). (input.lisp)
       # modify (setf fullscreen-mode). (widget.lisp)
      modified files: widgets.lisp, wm.lisp, input.lisp
    - bug fix and code clean up.
      # error handling in initialize-manager (eclipse.lisp)
      # exit-eclipse condition (wm.lisp)
      # exit part in eclipse-internal-loop (wm.lisp)
      # close-som-connection (widget.lisp)
      # (event-process selection-notify null) (input.lisp)
      # bug fix and typo in gestures.lisp
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