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    added the connection to the session-manager using the xsmp protocol. · ced908e6
    Iban Hatchondo authored
     root-widget now has a new slot named sm-conn.
     close-sm-connection [ function ] root-widget
      close the connection with the session manager.
     Initialize the connection to the session manager.
     The main function eclipse signature changes. It now takes two keyword arguments of type (or null string): display sm-client-id.
     new functions:
     get-username [ function ]
      returns the usename string.
     sm-init [ function ] sm-conn dpy-string
      Sets the xsmp properties that are required by the protocols.
     connect-to-session-manager [ function ] dpy-name &optional previous-id
      Try to connect us to the session manager. If connected set xsmp
      properties and returns the sm-connection instance.
     handle-session-manager-request [ function ] sm-conn root-widget
      Handles xsmp requests. If a DIE request is received then invoke
      close-sm-connection and propagate the exit-eclipse condition.
     added ice and sm system loading and dependance.
     the start function signature changes to be the same as eclipse (in eclipse.lisp)
    *.in & configure
     slight changes to handle the new starting signature and parameters.
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