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    - lib/clx-ext/event.lisp: · ff403284
    hatchond authored
    two classes added, and some inheriting changed
      (defclass pointer-event (keyboard-pointer-event) ()) ;; added
      (defclass button-press (pointer-event) ())
      (defclass button-release (pointer-event) ())
      (defclass motion-notify (pointer-event) ())
      (defclass keyboard-event (keyboard-pointer-event) ()) ;; added
      (defclass key-press (keyboard-event) ())
      (defclass key-release (keyboard-event) ())
    - lib/clx-ext/package.lisp modified for exporting those two classes.
    - lib/clx-ext/keysyms.lisp:
    minor changes for handling mapping-notify event
       - modifier-map-changed-p display [function]:
         return true if the cached modifier map is obsolete in regards of
    the X server information. (exported)