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    Another System Definition Facility — de facto standard build system for Common Lisp software. Includes UIOP, the Utilities for Implementation- and OS- Portability, a library to make possible the portable development of CL software.

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    ANSI Common Lisp conformity test suite. Optionally it tests some other extensions.

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    The GNU Scientific Library for Lisp (GSLL) allows the use of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) from Common Lisp. This library provides a full range of common mathematical operations useful to scientific and engineering applications. The design of the GSLL interface is such that access to most of the GSL library is possible in a Lisp-natural way; the intent is that the user not be hampered by the restrictions of the C language in which GSL has been written. GSLL thus provides interactive use of GSL for getting quick answers, even for someone not intending to program in Lisp.