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    Do a better job of handling symbols that have the same name as · 34a34954
    Raymond Toy authored
    intrinsics but are not intrinsic functions.
    o Get rid of *default-intrinsic-function-names*, and revert
      *intrinsic-function-names* to its original definition.
    o Add *non-intrinsic-function-names* to hold symbols that can't be
      intrinsics because they are in the formal argument list of a
    o Remove *declared-intrinsic-names*
    o When fixing up symbols that should be from f2cl-lib package because
      they're intrinsic functions, skip over symbols in
    o Check the subprogram arg list for symbols have the same name as
      intrinsics and save them on *non-intrinsic-function-names* because we
      know they can't be intrinsics.
    o When trying to ID an intrinsic function call, we have to skip over
      anything in *non-intrinsic-function-names* because we know they're not
    o Update check-reserved-lisp-names because we don't need to handle
      intrinsic function specially.  Any symbol that looks like an instrinsic
      is one, unless it also shows up in *non-intrinsic-function-names*.
      This means we don't append "$" to these symbols, and that we also don't
      spuriously create symbols that aren't used.
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