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<title>ASDF - Another System Definition Facility</title>
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packages you need to modify or want to contribute to.
We recommend you should <em>not</em> use <tt>asdf-install</tt> anymore,
as it is an older similar piece of software that is both unmaintained and obsolete.
ASDF is also not a tool to build or run Common Lisp software from the Unix command-line.
For that, you want <a href="">cl-launch</a>,
or perhaps <a href="">buildapp</a>.
If you're unsatisfied with ASDF,
beside helping with our
<a href=";a=blob;f=TODO">TODO list</a>,
you might be interested in other build systems for Common-Lisp:
<li>Alastair Bridgewater's small and simpler one-package-per-file
<li>Alastair Bridgewater's small and simple one-package-per-file
<a href=""><tt>quick-build</tt></a>
(similar to <tt>faslpath</tt> below,
also reimplemented as the ASDF extension
(also reimplemented as the ASDF extension
<a href=""
><tt>asdf-package-system</tt></a>; similar to <tt>faslpath</tt> below).
<li>Fran&ccedil;ois-Ren&eacute; Rideau's
<a href=""><tt>XCVB</tt></a>
(trying to build object and image files deterministically and in parallel,
but not actively maintained since 2012).
but not actively maintained since 2012; ASDF could be modified ).
<li>Drew McDermott's
<a href=""><tt>YTools</tt></a>
......@@ -325,14 +329,15 @@ Peter Graves <> (XCL).
that also determines dependencies, in the style of
<a href=""><tt>quick-build</tt></a> or
<a href=""><tt>faslpath</tt></a>
(this functionality is built into recent ASDF releases,
(this functionality is built into recent versions of ASDF 3.1 and later,
but this package exists for backward compatibility with earlier versions of ASDF 3).
<p>Former extensions, now superseded, include:</p>
<li><tt>asdf-binary-locations</tt> allowed one to redirect where ASDF creates its output files,
so they don't clash between implementations and don't pollute source directories.
It is superseded by <tt>asdf/defsystem</tt> builtin <tt>asdf-output-translations</tt> mechanism;
It is superseded by <tt>asdf/defsystem</tt>'s builtin
<tt>asdf-output-translations</tt> mechanism;
a limited compatibility mode is available to easily convert
your former ABL configuration into an AOT configuration.
<tt>common-lisp-controller</tt> and <tt>cl-launch</tt> used to provide similar mechanisms,
......@@ -343,7 +348,8 @@ Peter Graves <> (XCL).
for easier delivery.
It is now a builtin part of <tt>asdf/defsystem</tt>,
and allows to deliver a single FASL for a system,
or (on supported implementations), a standalone executable program.
or (on supported implementations), a standalone executable program,
or an image containing part of your software precompiled.
<li><tt>asdf-utils</tt> was a collection of utilities that originated with ASDF.
It is now superseded by <tt>uiop</tt>, aka <tt>asdf/driver</tt>,
......@@ -461,7 +467,7 @@ Peter Graves <> (XCL).
<a class="nav" href="" title=""> <img src="" width="80" height="15" title="" alt=" button" /></a>
<p><span class="copyright"Copyright &copy; 2001-2014 Daniel Barlow and contributors</span></p>
<p>ASDF has an <a href="">MIT style</a> license</p>
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<div id="timestamp">Last updated 2014-03-22</div>
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