Commit 1e53a625 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Cache file timestamps by normalized namestring, not by sadly unreliable pathname.

This will hopefully make some tests more stable across implementation and operating system.
parent 1c6fecf5
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
(asdf/package:define-package :asdf/cache
(:use :uiop/common-lisp :uiop :asdf/upgrade)
(:export #:get-file-stamp #:compute-file-stamp #:register-file-stamp
#:consult-asdf-cache #:do-asdf-cache
#:consult-asdf-cache #:do-asdf-cache #:normalize-namestring
#:call-with-asdf-cache #:with-asdf-cache #:*asdf-cache*))
(in-package :asdf/cache)
......@@ -42,13 +42,23 @@
(defmacro with-asdf-cache ((&key override) &body body)
`(call-with-asdf-cache #'(lambda () ,@body) :override ,override))
(defun compute-file-stamp (file)
(safe-file-write-date file))
(defun normalize-namestring (pathname)
(let ((resolved (resolve-symlinks*
(translate-logical-pathname pathname)
(with-pathname-defaults () (namestring resolved))))
(defun register-file-stamp (file &optional (stamp (compute-file-stamp file)))
(set-asdf-cache-entry `(get-file-stamp ,file) (list stamp)))
(defun compute-file-stamp (normalized-namestring)
(with-pathname-defaults ()
(safe-file-write-date normalized-namestring)))
(defun get-file-stamp (file)
(do-asdf-cache `(get-file-stamp ,file) (compute-file-stamp file))))
(defun register-file-stamp (file &optional (stamp nil stampp))
(let* ((namestring (normalize-namestring file))
(stamp (if stampp stamp (compute-file-stamp namestring))))
(set-asdf-cache-entry `(get-file-stamp ,namestring) (list stamp))))
(defun get-file-stamp (file)
(let ((namestring (normalize-namestring file)))
(do-asdf-cache `(get-file-stamp ,namestring) (compute-file-stamp namestring)))))
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ Some constraints:
(assert-equal (file-write-date file) stamp)))))
(defun mark-file-deleted (file)
(unless (asymval :*asdf-cache*) (error "Y U NO use asdf cache?"))
(acall :register-file-stamp file nil))
(acall :register-file-stamp (acall :normalize-namestring file) nil))
(defun hash-table->alist (table)
(loop :for key :being :the :hash-keys :of table :using (:hash-value value)
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