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Tweak documentation wrt ASDF 2 no longer being distributed by vendors!

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Already, swank-asdf doesn't support anything older than 2.014.6
(as provided by the first 2011 iteration of Quicklisp), and
I (fare) am pushing for swank-asdf to not support anything older
than 2.019 (still used by LispWorks 6.1).
Hopefully, sometime in 2014, everyone will have adopted ASDF 3.0.1, or even 3.1.2.
than 3.0 (since no maintained implementation has anything older,
with the LispWorks 7.0 release being last to upgrade, in May 2015).
Maybe remove old versions from upgrade tests; or maybe not:
if we support old versions in any way,
it should be for upgrade only, and "punt" is acceptable.
......@@ -409,12 +409,12 @@ For portability's sake, you should use @code{(require "asdf")}.
As of the writing of this manual,
the following implementations provide ASDF 3 this way:
ABCL, Allegro CL, Clozure CL, CMUCL, ECL, GNU CLISP, LispWorks, MKCL, SBCL.
The following implementations only provide ASDF 2:
LispWorks, mocl, XCL.
mocl, XCL.
The following implementations don't provide ASDF:
Corman CL, GCL, Genera, MCL, SCL.
The latter implementations are not actively maintained;
The latter implementations are not actively maintained (except maybe GCL);
if some of them are ever released again, they probably will include ASDF 3.
If the implementation you are using doesn't provide ASDF 2 or ASDF 3,
......@@ -192,38 +192,29 @@
<td align="left"><tt>gcl</tt></td>
<td align="left"><tt>mcl xcl</tt></td></tr>
<tr><th align="left">Proprietary</th>
<td align="left"><tt>allegro</tt></td>
<td align="left"><tt>lispworks</tt></td>
<td align="left"><tt>allegro lispworks</tt></td>
<td align="left"></td>
<td align="left"><tt>cormanlisp genera mocl scl</tt></td></tr>
To deal with an implementation that doesn't yet provide ASDF 3,
To deal with an old implementation that didn't yet provide ASDF 3,
we provide <a href="">a script</a>
that can install ASDF 3 where your implementation goes looking for it
when you <tt>(require "asdf")</tt> .
Alternatively, though we don't recommend it, if the implementation provides ASDF 2
(as do <tt>lispworks mocl xcl</tt> or older versions of some implementations)
or an overly old version of ASDF 3,
you can download, install and configure a more recent ASDF 3,
then use <tt>(require "asdf") (asdf:load-system :asdf)</tt> to load it.
Beware: when upgrading that way from ASDF 2, you should always do it
<em>immediately</em> after the <tt>require</tt> (and optional configuration),
and before you use ASDF to do anything else;
ASDF 3 does this early upgrade automatically.
Note that upgrading from an old version of ASDF is possible,
but quite complex to do right in a robust way, and we do not recommend it.
Also note that <tt>mocl</tt> only supports a heavily modified variant of ASDF 2,
and its cross-compilation setup isn't yet supported by ASDF 3.
and will require robust cross-compilation support to be added to ASDF 3
before it is actually supported.
<!-- Note to self:
asdf-announce may have been a casualty of some recent mailing-list reorganization. Check.
sds, maintainer of CLISP, used to listen to it.
The maintainers of the following implementations require direct notification:
abcl allegro ccl clisp cmucl ecl gcl lispworks mkcl sbcl scl xcl
Armed Bear <>,
Allegro <>,
Clozure CL <>,
GNU CLISP <> (sds)
GNU CLISP <> (sds),
CMU CL <>,
ECL <>,
GCL <>,
......@@ -428,6 +419,10 @@ XCL (Peter Graves) <>
<a id="news"></a>
<h3>What is happening</h3>
<dt>May 2015</dt>
<dd>With the LispWorks 7.0 release, all actively maintained CL implementations
are now providind ASDF 3.0 or later, and
support for older variants is now officially dropped.</dd>
<dt>October 2014</dt>
<dd>More bug fixing leads to release of 3.1.4 on 10 October 2014.
There should be no incompatibilities. See the <a
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