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<p>ASDF 3 is the current successor to Daniel Barlow's ASDF.
It was rewritten for improved portability, robustness, usability,
extensibility, configurability, internal consistency,
and the ability to create standalone executables.
and the ability to deliver standalone executables.
It was pre-released as 2.27 on February 1st 2013,
released as 3.0.0 on May 15th 2013, with further stable releases since.
released as 3.0.0 on May 15th 2013,
and again as 3.1.2 on May 6th 2014.
<a id="what_it_is"></a>
<h3>What it is</h3>
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(ASDF 3 does that automatically).
<!-- Note to self:
The maintainers of the following implementations follow asdf-announce:
clisp (sds)
asdf-announce may have been a casualty of some recent mailing-list reorganization. Check.
sds, maintainer of CLISP, used to listen to it.
The maintainers of the following implementations require direct notification:
abcl ccl cmucl gcl lispworks sbcl mkcl scl xcl
abcl allegro ccl clisp cmucl ecl gcl lispworks mkcl sbcl scl xcl
Armed Bear <>,,,,,, (allegro)
SBCL Devel-list <>,
Jean-Claude Beaudoin <>, (MKCL)
Douglas Crosher <>, (Scieneer CL)
Peter Graves <> (XCL).
Allegro <>,
Clozure CL <>,
GNU CLISP <> (sds)
CMU CL <>,
ECL <>,
GCL <>,
LispWorks <>,
MKCL <>,
SBCL <>,
Scieneer CL (Douglas Crosher) <>,
XCL (Peter Graves) <>
If there is an old or new implementation that we are missing,
......@@ -419,7 +421,7 @@ Peter Graves <> (XCL).
<dt>May 2014</dt>
<dd>Version 3.1.2 of ASDF 3 has been released.
In addition to many significant improvements and bug fixes,
In addition to significant improvements and bug fixes,
it notably sports the <tt>package-inferred-system</tt> extension.
<dt>October 2013</dt>
......@@ -487,7 +489,7 @@ Peter Graves <> (XCL).
<a class="nav" href="" title=""> <img src="" width="80" height="15" title="" alt=" button" /></a>
<p><span class="copyright"Copyright &copy; 2001-2014 Daniel Barlow and contributors</span></p>
<p>ASDF has an <a href="">MIT style</a> license</p>
<div id="timestamp">Last updated 2014-03-27</div>
<div id="timestamp">Last updated 2014-05-09</div>
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