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manual: Don't recommend asdf-package-system anymore.

It was for backward compatibility with 3.0.x.
Just recommend using ASDF 3.1 or later.
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......@@ -1755,7 +1755,6 @@ whereby each file is its own system,
and dependencies are deduced from the @code{defpackage} form
(or its variant @code{uiop:define-package}).
In this style, packages refer to a system with the same name (downcased);
and if a system is defined with @code{:class package-inferred-system},
then system names that start with that name
......@@ -1768,40 +1767,36 @@ will be found in file @file{/foo/bar/my-lib/src/utility.lisp}.
This style was made popular by @code{faslpath} and @code{quick-build} before,
and at the cost of a stricter package discipline,
seems to make for more maintainable code.
It is used by ASDF itself (starting with ASDF 3) and by @code{lisp-interface-library}.
It is used by ASDF itself (starting with ASDF 3), by @code{lisp-interface-library},
and a few other libraries.
To use this style, choose a toplevel system name, e.g. @code{my-lib},
and create a file @file{my-lib.asd}
with the @code{:class :package-inferred-system} option in its @code{defsystem}.
For instance:
#-asdf3 (error "my-lib requires ASDF 3")
(defsystem my-lib
#-asdf3.1 (error "my-lib requires ASDF 3.1")
(defsystem "my-lib"
:class :package-inferred-system
:defsystem-depends-on (:asdf-package-system)
:depends-on (:my-lib/interface/all
:in-order-to ((test-op (load-op :my-lib/test/all)))
:depends-on ("my-lib/interface/all"
:in-order-to ((test-op (load-op "my-lib/test/all")))
:perform (test-op (o c) (symbol-call :my-lib/test/all :test-suite)))
(defsystem :my-lib/test :depends-on (:my-lib/test/all))
(defsystem "my-lib/test" :depends-on ("my-lib/test/all"))
(register-system-packages :my-lib/interface/all '(:my-lib-interface))
(register-system-packages :my-lib/src/all '(:my-lib-implementation))
(register-system-packages :my-lib/test/all '(:my-lib-test))
(register-system-packages "my-lib/interface/all" '(:my-lib-interface))
(register-system-packages "my-lib/src/all" '(:my-lib-implementation))
(register-system-packages "my-lib/test/all" '(:my-lib-test))
'(:c2mop :closer-common-lisp :c2cl :closer-common-lisp-user :c2cl-user))
@end example
In the code above, the
@code{:defsystem-depends-on (:asdf-package-system)} is
for compatibility with older versions of ASDF 3 (ASDF 2 is not supported),
and requires the @code{asdf-package-system} library to be present
(it is implicitly provided by ASDF starting with release 3.1.2,
which can be detected with the feature @code{:asdf3.1}).
In the code above, the first line checks that we are using ASDF 3.1,
which provides @code{package-inferred-system}.
The function @code{register-system-packages} has to be called to register
packages used or provided by your system and its components
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