Commit 9b8170cc authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

In this case, load quicklisp after asdf, not before.

Document the Quicklisp situation.
parent b6926703
......@@ -49,12 +49,6 @@
;; and not the keyword :asdf or symbol 'asdf; old CLISP versions that don't provide ASDF
;; may error at compile-time if we call (require "asdf") directly.
(ignore-errors (funcall 'require "asdf"))
;; If quicklisp is present, load it!
;; Note that this form is not as portable as if we were somehow using uiop:subpathname
;; but that's OK because quicklisp presumably doesn't work where this doesn't.
(let ((home (user-homedir-pathname)))
(or (try-load (merge-pathnames "quicklisp/setup.lisp" home))
(try-load (merge-pathnames ".quicklisp/setup.lisp" home))))
;; If ASDF 2 isn't provided, load our ASDF from source.
;; ASDF 1 is not enough, because it won't heed our project's output-translations.
;; (Beside, no one serious provides ASDF 1 anymore.)
......@@ -73,7 +67,14 @@
(unless (asdf-call 'version-satisfies (asdf-version) (required-asdf-version))
(error "This program needs ASDF ~A but could only find ASDF ~A"
(required-asdf-version) (asdf-version)))))
(required-asdf-version) (asdf-version)))
;; Here, we specifically want the ASDF in the current git checkout over
;; whatever quicklisp is providing, so we load quicklisp last.
;; If the checkout weren't providing ASDF and we wanted to rely on Quicklisp
;; to provide a copy of ASDF that the implementation might be lacking,
;; we'd move this form right below the (funcall 'require "asdf") above.
;; See also notes in try-load-quicklisp.
;; User-configurable parts
(required-asdf-version () "3.1.2") ;; In the end, we want at least ASDF 3.1.2
(asdf-lisp ()
......@@ -82,6 +83,15 @@
;; Or NIL, if you don't do use any fancy ASDF feature, and
;; trust your implementation to provide a recent enough copy.
(subpath (here-directory) :directory '(:back "build") :name "asdf" :type "lisp"))
(try-load-quicklisp ()
;; In a controlled environment, either you'd use your own quicklisp
;; instead of the one in the user's homedir, or you wouldn't use quicklisp at all.
;; Edit this function as desired to reflect that and/or remove the call above.
;; Also, if you rely on quicklisp to load a recent ASDF rather than provide it
;; yourself in your code checkout (see above), you should be using the less portable
;; (merge-pathnames "..." (user-homedir-pathname)) rather than subpathname.
(or (try-load (asdf-call 'subpathname (user-homedir-pathname) "quicklisp/setup.lisp"))
(try-load (asdf-call 'subpathname (user-homedir-pathname) ".quicklisp/setup.lisp"))))
(configure-asdf ()
(let* ((source-directory
;; Here, define the top of your Lisp source code hierarchy.
......@@ -191,6 +201,10 @@
(initialize-output-translations output-translations)
;; Upgrade to the latest configured version
;; Load Quicklisp --- see remarks in uncommented version above
(if-let (x (or (probe-file (subpathname (user-homedir-pathname) "quicklisp/setup.lisp"))
(probe-file (subpathname (user-homedir-pathname) ".quicklisp/setup.lisp"))))
(load x))
;; Check that we have a satisfactorily version
(unless (version-satisfies (asdf-version) required-asdf-version)
(error "Please install an ASDF ~A or later" required-asdf-version))))
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