Commit a7754862 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

Better cleanup before upgrade test

parent 95e64cc4
......@@ -447,8 +447,10 @@ is bound, write a message and exit on an error. If
(acall :compile-file-pathname* (test-source file)))
(defun clean-asdf-system ()
(let ((fasl (resolve-output "asdf" "build" "asdf.fasl")))
(when (DBG :clean fasl (probe-file fasl)) (delete-file fasl))))
;; If compiled by an antique ASDFs without output translations:
(acall :delete-file-if-exists (compile-file-pathname (acall :subpathname *asdf-directory* "build/asdf.fasl")))
;; If compiled by a ASDF2 or later with output translations:
(acall :delete-file-if-exists (resolve-output "asdf" "build" "asdf.fasl")))
(defun load-asdf-lisp-clean ()
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