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......@@ -2319,9 +2319,17 @@ An operation @emph{may} provide methods for the following generic functions:
@findex input-files
A method for this function is often not needed,
since ASDF has a pretty clever default @code{input-files} mechanism.
You only need create a method if there are multiple ultimate input files,
and/or the bottom one doesn't depend
on the @code{component-pathname} of the component.
You only need create a method if there are multiple ultimate input
Most operations inherit from @code{selfward-operation}, which
appropriately sets the input-files to include the source file itself.
@c FIXME: Add documentation of built-in operation types.
@defun input-files operation component
Return a list of pathnames that represent the input to @var{operation}
performed on @var{component}.
@end defun
@item @code{operation-done-p}
@findex operation-done-p
......@@ -2755,6 +2763,29 @@ does additional processing to set the filesystem location of
the top component in that system.
This is detailed elsewhere. @xref{Defining systems with defsystem}.
To find the CL pathname corresponding to a component, use
@defun component-pathname component
Returns the pathname corresponding to @var{component}. For components
such as source files, this will be a filename pathname. For example:
CL-USER> (asdf:component-pathname (asdf:find-system "xmls"))
@end lisp
CL-USER> (asdf:component-pathname
(asdf:find-system "xmls") "xmls"))
@end lisp
@end defun
@subsubsection properties
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