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    This fixes issue #1 and changes the syntax of the graph* functions in a backwards compatible way. · cdfc237b
    Ioanna M. Dimitriou H. authored
    The changes in detail:
    - adds nickname :jeffrey to package :jeffrey.main
    - moved assertions from main.lisp to a test in test.lisp
    - in all graphing functions, STYLE is now an optional argument, which defaults to "numbers".
    - exports jeffrey:random-graph, jeffrey:graph-ancestors, jeffrey:graph-descendants
    - to celebrate jeffrey's first issues, I added a *brand new* (jeffrey:graph-interval top-form bottom-form filename &optional (style "numbers") ending)
    - jeffrey now *also* understands which output format to use from the filename given (e.g. "filename.svg" will produce an svg file, even when the optional ending "svg" is not given).
    - fixed documentation of the package jeffrey.main and in the
    - cleaned up some whitespace and fixed indentation here and there
    Try it:
    - (jeffrey:graph '(1 2 3 4 5 6) "forms-1-to-6.svg")
    - (jeffrey:graph-descendants '(94) "descendants-of-94")
    - (jeffrey:graph-ancestors '(399 256) "ancestors-of-399-or-256.pdf")
    - (jeffrey:graph-interval 9 64 "interval-9-to-64.jpg")
    - (jeffrey:random-graph 6 "random-6.png")
    Still only works for "number" labels, work on "fancy" labels has started.