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    Fix bug detecting need to reload defsystem. · aca68cf1
    Robert Goldman authored
    Previously, if one bumped a version number that was included into a
    system definition using :READ-FILE-FORM or :READ-FILE-LINE, ASDF would
    not notice the change (so it could, for example, fail to recognize that
    a depended-on system has had its version number bumped and now satisfies
    a new :VERSION requirement).
    This was fixed by adding ADDITIONAL-INPUT-FILES to the object model.
    These serve the purpose of giving a place other than INPUT-FILES for ASDF
    to stash input files that it "notices" on its own (e.g., when processing
    :READ-FILE-<FOO>).  ASDF can't stash such files in INPUT-FILES, because
    it must leave the INPUT-FILES primary methods open for users to