Commit 01b3ad5e authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Fix test-program, etc.

parent dd7e591c
......@@ -10,9 +10,6 @@
(dolist (s '(:asdf :uiop :asdf/defsystem :uiop))
(assert (asdf::builtin-system-p (find-system s)) () "System ~A not builtin(!)" s))
(defun make-hello-image ()
(operate 'load-fasl-op :hello-world-example)
(operate 'image-op :hello-world-example))
......@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@
(assert (find-system :hello-world-example))
;; Try to load lisp-invocation from xcvb
(setf *central-registry*
(list *asdf-directory* ;; be sure that *OUR* asdf is first of any possible ASDF
......@@ -25,8 +23,6 @@
;; Disable any user source registry.
(initialize-source-registry `(:source-registry :ignore-inherited-configuration))
(trace run-program)
(DBG "test image-op")
(defparameter img (output-file (make-operation 'image-op) (find-system :hello-world-example)))
(assert (absolute-pathname-p img))
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