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Tweak Changelog, notably making myself the signer

so I can build the debian package.
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cl-asdf (2:3.1.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
[ Francois-Rene Rideau ]
[ Robert P. Goldman ]
Bug fix release:
* Remove compatibility stubs for old bundle classes (not working
properly, anyway), these are now available in a contrib.
* Add INPUT-STRING function to UIOP.
* For developer and tester convenience, bring all the external
dependencies into the git repo as submodules.
dependencies into the git repo as submodules. See target make ext
* Optionally speed up registry search by providing a cache for
the SOURCE-REGISTRY. See the cache-generating script in:
* Fixes to tests and documentation.
* Many minor bugfixes.
-- Robert P. Goldman <> Thu, 09 Oct 2014 20:12:49 -0500
-- François-René Rideau <> Thu, 09 Oct 2014 21:18:21 -0400
cl-asdf (2:3.1.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
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