This is a mirror of Agnostic Lizard monotone repository maintained by the original author

Agnostic Lizard is an almost correct portable code walker for Common Lisp

Agnostic Lizard wants to be implementation agnostic and climb the syntax trees

Agnostic Lizard is a portable implementation of a code walker and in
particular of the macroexpand-all function (and macro) that makes a best
effort to be correct while not expecting much beyond what the Common Lisp
standard requires.

It aims to be implementation-agnostic and to climb the syntax trees.

  macroexpand-dammit (only macroexpansion, removes macrolet),
  hu.dwim.walker (significant implementation-specific code, not all
implementation support up to date, removes macrolet),
  trivial-macroexpand-all (only macroexpansion, maximally
implementation-specific but supports a lot of implementations),
  swank (implementation-specific but supports a lot of implementations, no code