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    2.26.100: checkpointing a lot of progress. · aa5cba5d
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    * Pathname support has been cleaned up, yet again,
     extending and renaming COERCE-PATHNAME into PARSE-UNIX-NAMESTRING,
     also ENSURE-PATHNAME, many docstrings, and plenty of small enhancements.
    * Bundles were refactored to take advantage of the new, more sensible,
     component-depends-on semantics.
    * Image support was cleaned up again, and program-op was implemented
     to produce a standalone executable on supported platforms;
     a working hello-world-example is included amongst tests.
    * The *compile-file-function* indirection was removed, with the
     ECL and MKCL object file support
     being folded into compile-file* instead.
    * systems now can have NIL as component-pathname,
     instead of providing a non-sensible bogus pathname
     when no sensible pathname was determined.
     Most of our pathname functions have sensible default behavior
     when provided NIL instead of a pathname as an argument.
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