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    - on CL implementations that support Unix sockets, the HOST argument · bf3b142d
    Eric Marsden authored
       to PG-CONNECT may designate the directory containing the local
       PostgreSQL unix socket (often "/var/run/postgresql/"). The HOST
       argument is assumed to designate a local directory rather than a
       hostname when its first character is #\/. You may need to modify
       authentication options in the PostgreSQL configuration file
       pg_hba.conf to allow connections over a unix-domain socket where
       the databse username is not equal to your ident tokens. This is an
       incompatible change to previous support for unix-domain sockets
       with CMUCL (previously a HOST of NIL told pg-dot-lisp to connect
       to a unix-domain socket whose name was hardwired into the library).
       This support currently exists for SBCL, CMUCL and OpenMCL.
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