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    Integrate Peter Van Eynde's v3 protocol support:
       - create PGCON-V2 and PGCON-V3 classes
       - PG-CONNECT attempts to connect using v3 protocol, and falls back
         to v2 protocol for older backends; return a PGCON-V2 or PGCON-V3
       - PG-EXEC and FN and PG-DISCONNECT are generic functions that
         dispatch on the connection type
       - protocol code split into v2-protocol.lisp and v3-protocol.lisp
    TBD: cleaning up the notification & error reporting support, and
    factorizing more code between the two protocol versions.
    Also split code out into multiple files:
       - large-object support
       - metainformation about databases
       - parsing and type coercion support
       - utility functions and macros
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