Commit 0db565f8 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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1.0.8: restore the invoke-lisp-via-script hack for LispWorks.

Document precisely why we (still) use that hack for LispWorks 7.0.0.
parent fa472195
......@@ -170,23 +170,32 @@ Not supported at all are:
;; If you have a licensed copy of lispworks,
;; you can obtain the "lispworks" binary with, e.g.
;; echo '(hcl:save-image "lispworks-console" :environment nil)' > /tmp/build.lisp ;
;; ./lispworks-6-0-0-x86-linux -siteinit - -init - -build /tmp/build.lisp
;; ./lispworks-7-0-0-x86-linux -siteinit - -init - -build /tmp/build.lisp
;; Note that you also need to copy the license file to
;; .../lispworks/lib/6-1-0-0/config/lwlicense
;; .../lispworks/lib/7-0-0-0/config/lwlicense
;; and/or the same directory as your binary,
;; for it to work on dumped binaries in all locations, with, e.g.
;; (system::copy-file ".../lwlicense" (make-pathname :name "lwlicense" :type nil :defaults filename))
:feature :lispworks
:flags ("-site-init" "-" "-init" "-")
:eval-flag "-eval"
:load-flag "-build" ;; Is -load what we want? See also -build as magic load.
:arguments-end nil ; What's the deal with THIS? "--"
;; As of 7.0.0, LispWorks (still) fails to stop processing arguments with "--" or any marker.
;; Therefore we can't "just" tuck arguments at the end of a command-line, and instead we use
;; exec_lisp_file to create a script that initializes arguments and pass that to LispWorks.
;; Since we don't use -eval, we use -build instead of -load to load the script. LispWorks
;; calls all the -eval and -load in order, then the -siteinit, -init and finally -build.
;; Note that we don't use -build, and so if you don't quit as part of your -eval and -load,
;; then LispWorks will load the site and user init files then start graphical environment.
;; This is probably not what a portable Lisp program using lisp-invocation wants;
;; but then again, such program is responsible for quitting as part of eval and load forms.
:eval-flag "-eval" :load-flag "-load"
:arguments-end nil ;; Unhappily, there is no end of arguments marker for LispWorks,
:invoker invoke-lisp-via-script ;; so we use this invoker kludge.
:image-flag nil
:image-executable-p t
:standalone-executable t
:argument-control t
:disable-debugger ()
;; :invoker invoke-lisp-via-script
:quit-format "(lispworks:quit :status ~A :confirm nil :return nil :ignore-errors-p t)"
:dump-format "(lispworks:deliver 'xcvb-driver:resume ~A 0 :interface nil)") ; "(hcl:save-image ~A :environment nil)"
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
(error "ASDF 3.1.2 required"))
(defsystem "lisp-invocation"
:version "1.0.7"
:version "1.0.8"
:author ("Francois-Rene Rideau")
:maintainer "Francois-Rene Rideau"
:licence "MIT"
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