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# lisp-invocation
lisp-invocation is a small library for starting Lisp processes from Common Lisp.
lisp-invocation actually only computes the proper command-line invocations;
to actually run a process, you will use
[inferior-shell:run](, or
## Usage
A simple example: Starting an SBCL process, running some code and quitting.
Here we use [uiop:run-program]( to run the process
and extract its output.
(let ((impl :sbcl))
:implementation-type impl
:eval (format nil "(progn (format t \"~~{~~31R~~^ ~~}~~%\" '~S) ~A)"
'(595756 9556552524 643802 496307950)
(lisp-invocation:quit-form :code 0 :implementation-type impl)))
:output :string))
## License
Free Software available under an MIT-style license.
Copyright (c) 2008 ITA Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
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