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    Make parallel code a separate system. · fd3f25f3
    Didier Verna authored
    2019-02-19  Didier Verna  <didier@didierverna.net>
    	* parallel/parallel.lisp: Move here from ../core/src/.
    	* parallel/fr.epita.lrde.quickref.parallel.asd: New file.
    	* setup/setup.lisp (restrict-because):
    	(setup-parallel): New functions.
    	(*configuration*): Update docstring.
    	(:fr.epita.lrde.quickref.setup): Export SETUP-PARALLEL.
    	* setup/fr.epita.lrde.quickref.setup.asd:
    	(:fr.epita.lrde.quickref.setup/parallel): New system.
    	* core/src/util.lisp: Add one comment on top of the configuration
    	variables related to parallelism.
    	* core/src/quickref.lisp (build): Conditionalize parallel
    	execution on the availability of parallel support.
    	* core/fr.epita.lrde.quickref.core.asd
    	(:fr.epita.lrde.quickref.core): Remove dependency on
    	* fr.epita.lrde.quickref.asd (:fr.epita.lrde.quickref): Load the
    	setup/parallel system.