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    Generalize index generation and provide an author index. · fb438e8f
    Didier Verna authored
    This patch generalizes the index generation mechanism to ease future
    incorporation of new indexes, and provides an author index in addition
    to the already existing library one. This work is a cleanup of a code base
    originally written by Antoine Hacquard.
    2019-03-27  Didier Verna  <didier@didierverna.net>
    	* share/css/document.css: Small syntactic improvement.
    	* share/css/index.css: Add more styling.
    	* share/templates/index-header.html: Add links to the different
    	indexes. Parametrize index title.
    	* parallel/parallel.lisp (library-name): Move this function...
    	* core/src/util.lisp (library-name): ...here.
    	(*.html): New function.
    	* core/src/html.lisp (*indexes*): New variable.
    	(index-file-name): New function.
    	(render-index-header): Parametrize index title.
    	(render-index-entry): Generalize to different indexes.
    	(library-index-character): Formerly INDEX-CHARACTER. Adapt to
    	generalized protocol.
    	(render-library-index-entry): Formerly RENDER-INDEX-ENTRY. Adapt
    	to generalized protocol.
    	(author-index-entries): New functions.
    	(build-index-file): Generalize to different indexes.
    	(build-index-files): New function.
    	* core/src/quickref.lisp (build): Call it.
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