Commit 1d5d5ecb authored by Peter Keller's avatar Peter Keller

1.106: support encodings, fix bug in around-compile support.

parent 0be4f434
......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@
`(,initarg ,(slot-value comp slot-name)))))
,@(when (asdf::around-compile-hook comp)
`(:around-compile (escaped-around-compile comp)))
`(:around-compile ,(escaped-around-compile comp)))
`(:encoding ,(component-encoding comp))
,@(slot-when-bound 'translated-name :translated-name)
,@(slot-when-bound 'translated-pathname :translated-pathname-form))))
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ based on which compilation can be parallelized.
Based on an analysis with form granularity,
it can output a summary from which you can untangle
the circularities in your build."
:version "1.105"
:depends-on ((:version :asdf "2.018.16")) ;; for full :around-compile support
:version "1.106"
:depends-on ((:version :asdf "2.21")) ;; for :encoding support
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "variables" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "classes" :depends-on ("package" "variables"))
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