Commit 5f7b62b9 authored by Matthew Steele's avatar Matthew Steele

Minor documentation improvements.

parent 31b6dfc2
......@@ -147,12 +147,13 @@
;; applied separatedly on each form).
(defmacro with-groveling-readtable (&body body)
"Turn on the groveling readtable within the body."
`(let ((*readtable* (make-instrumented-readtable)))
(defmacro with-groveling-macroexpand-hook (&body body)
"Turn on the groveling-macroexpand-hook within the body. This macro is
idempotent, so it's safe to nest it."
idempotent, so it's safe to nest it (and we occasionally do)."
`(let ((*old-macroexpand-hook* (or *old-macroexpand-hook*
(*macroexpand-hook* #'groveling-macroexpand-hook))
......@@ -206,7 +207,8 @@
;; Used only by replace-transfers.
(defun transfer-constituent (con)
"Add all provisions and uses in the given constituent to the current
constituent. Typically, the given constituent will be a temp-constituent,
for example one produced by our instrumented sharpdot reader-macro."
(wtf "Begin transfer ~S ->~% ~S" (constituent-summary con)
(constituent-summary *current-constituent*))
(do-hashset (use (constituent-uses con))
......@@ -263,8 +265,11 @@
(t form)))
(defun check-for-transfers (form)
"Peform any transfers appearing in the given form, and return a copy of the
form with transfers removed; if the given contains no transfers, return the
original form object (rather than a copy)."
;; If there are no transfers, then we must return the actual original form.
;; Otherwise, subtle things can break.
;; Otherwise, subtle things can break (compiler-macros, for example).
(do-walk-symbols (symbol form)
(when (eql symbol 'with-transfer-constituent)
(return-from check-for-transfers (replace-transfers form))))
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