Commit f8d720b1 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

Fix strip/

parent b6b4d394
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
(cl:in-package #:asdf)
(cl:in-package :asdf)
(unless (or #+asdf2 (asdf:version-satisfies (asdf:asdf-version) "2.014.8"))
(error "Not only is your ASDF version is too old for ASDF-DEPENDENCY-GROVEL,
you must upgrade it *before* you try to load any system."))
(defclass grovel-handlers (module)
((%components :accessor %handler-components)))
......@@ -26,7 +30,7 @@
(handler-input-file-list (component-pathname c) c))))
(defsystem :asdf-dependency-grovel
;; :depends-on (:asdf) ; not safe. ASDF must be explicitly upgraded in advance.
:depends-on ((:version :asdf "2.017"))
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "variables" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "classes" :depends-on ("package" "variables"))
......@@ -500,10 +500,10 @@
(defun strip/ (name)
(subseq name (1+ (or (position #\/ name :from-end t) -1))))
(defun strip-extension (name extension)
(let* ((lext (length extension))
(lnam (length name))
(pos (- lnam lext)))
(if (and (plusp lext)
(let* ((lext (and (stringp extension) (length extension)))
(pext (and lext (plusp lext)))
(pos (and pext (- (length name) lext))))
(if (and pos
(< 1 pos)
(string= name extension :start1 pos)
(eql #\. (char name (1- pos))))
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