Commit 7a70709b authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Fix publish-archive.

parent 440375fe
......@@ -124,6 +124,11 @@ archive: build/asdf.lisp
mv "build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-${version}.tgz"
cp "build/asdf.lisp" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
rsync --times --chmod=a+rX,ug+w "build/uiop-${version}.tgz" "build/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tgz" \
"build/asdf-${version}.tgz" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
ssh "cd /project/asdf/public_html; ln -sf archives/uiop-${version}.tgz uiop.tgz; ln -sf archives/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tgz asdf-defsystem.tgz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.tgz asdf.tgz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.lisp asdf.lisp"
### Count lines separately for asdf-driver and asdf itself:
@wc $(driver_lisp) | sort -n ; echo ; \
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