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    Fix control flow when the loop contains NIL blocks · e0cc021a
    Steve Losh authored and Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman committed
    Control flow clauses that return from an iterate form without executing
    the epilogue code (e.g. `never` and `leave`) currently do so by
    expanding into `(return-from ,*block-name*)`.  For iterate forms without
    a user-provided name, the block will be named `nil`.  This causes
    problems when used with other Common Lisp looping constructs such as
          (for i :from 0 :below 10)
          (dolist (x '(5 10 15))
            (never (= i x))))
        ; => T, but should be NIL
    This patch adds a separate `*loop-name*` variable that will be bound to
    a gensym for `NIL`-named blocks and makes the various epilogue-skipping
    code refer to that instead of `*block-name*`.  Iterate forms *without*
    an explicit user-provided name will still have a separate `(block nil
    ...)` wrapping so users can still `(return ...)` as before.
    Before (simplified):
        (iterate (leave))
        ; ==> (block nil (return-from nil))
        (iterate foo (leave))
        ; ==> (block foo (return-from nil))
        (iterate (leave))
        ; ==> (block nil (block #:ITERATE123 (return-from #:ITERATE123)))
        (iterate foo (leave))
        ; ==> (block foo (return-from foo))